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Going home today. After my optional logic final. How should I make my egg nogg? I know you’ve got the answer Ordinary Jill. Although I generally consider Madison to be superior to any part of New Jersey, I must say the Garden State’s depiction on MTV’s latest revolution, The Jersey Shore, gives Madison-based College Life a run for its money.

Nevertheless, one thing I still believe New Jersey makes best is pizza, but as Eating in Madison A to Z will tell you, it’s not like Madison isn’t trying.

Health care reform bill passes cloture vote, may it be near?: “The bill would require nearly all Americans to obtain health insurance, or pay financial penalties for failing to do so, and it would provide federal subsidies to help moderate-income Americans buy private coverage.”

I was a supporter, but after learning from David Blaska about how many people the bill will kill, I had no option but to go down to Walgreens and get some tea bags to throw. I tried to get some at that tea shop on Gilman but those hippy bastards don’t even use tea bags!

Sex ed reform, however, may be far away:  “The health care reform bill approved by the Senate Finance Committee includes an amendment, introduced by the Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, that would revive a separate $50 million grant-making program for abstinence-only programs run by states.”

The Daily Page has a run-down of entertainment events coming up before Christmas, including a Bach concert and the Dan Potacke show.

Megachurches in Madison. Who let the Southerners into town?

Hot damn! The Sheriff’s department is spending twice as much money as the County Board authorized (and infinitely more than Progressive Daners want).

Wisconsin Right to Life will be challenging public funding for Supreme Court races.

You’re not going to believe it. Harley Davidson is on track to become the state motorcycle. I have to say, I was really expecting them to pick a non-domestic bike. Hopefully they’ll make up for this decision and name the Toyota Camry the state car.

Dave Zweifel: What use in protecting the Edgewater when there are plenty of other ugly buildings built in the area?

Paul Soglin calls Edgewater rejection “troubling for democracy.”

Mayor Dave says net costs of Freakfest (to the city) have decreased 90 percent in three years.

Bizarre interpretation of the furlough law by J.B. Van Hollen.

And here come the costs of OWI reform again. Once again, the punitive mentality does not equal smart policy.

4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    Unless you have a double boiler, you probably shouldn’t make eggnog (salmonella isn’t on anybody’s Christmas list). Anyway, there are so many good varieties in the grocery store now, why dirty your blender? Of course, you can always improve on store-bought eggnog by adding some spiced rum and sprinkling nutmeg on top.

    • Jack Says:

      But is not brandy the Wisconsin way?

      • Ordinary Jill Says:

        Traditionally, a Tom & Jerry has brandy and rum, plus eggnog (that’s how my grandfather always drank it). However, that’s a holdover from the days when most rum in the U.S. was an inferior booze. Spiced rum goes really well with eggnog. Ginger brandy is also good in eggnog, but it’s harder to find than spiced rum.

  2. Irish Frog Says:

    I think you meant to post the following link on that JB Van Hollen story, not a link to an ad:

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