Another Wisconsin quote


“Trailing the candidates through the key primary states as a political correspondent many years ago, I decided that, California aside, I liked Wisconsin best. I respected its political creativity, especially under the La Follettes, who prefigured the New Deal. I grew fond of its rich, bucolic landscapes – the red barns, the black-and-white cows and the fields of lime-green grass interrupted by bands of chocolate brown earth. I also learned to admire Wisconsin’s people. They are a well-educated lot, modest, public spirited, committed to preserving the environment and intensely proud of their ethnic heritage.”

Johnny Apple, former political correspondent for the New York Times. Doug Moe at the State Journal points out that this quote, as well as many of Apple’s other reflections on Wisconsin culture (food & drink specifically) were sadly absent from the most recent book from the late reporter.


One Response to “Another Wisconsin quote”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    Did you see these stories?

    MJS finds 16 Milwaukee day care centers were used as drug trafficking fronts:

    The Daily Page tells a pretty awful story about a racist/homophobic cop from the 80s:

    I hope police academies give more sensitivity training these days.

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