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The Sconz is back in action. All I have left is a French paper that I plan to write while doing my laundry and an optional final exam in logic for Monday. What? You have five more exams? Sorry to hear that…Have some Pizza Hut.

14 people injured in ski-lift accident at Devil’s Head.

Brandy: A Wisconsin tradition. And one that I believe is sadly dying. Come on guys, no pear-flavored vodka to celebrate the end of finals this year. Get some brandy and egg-nogg and stand up for Sconnie tradition. Forward Our Motto has more on various Brandy distillers in the state.

Cap Times article on “improved health, behavior and safety of high school students” based on an annual survey, but it seems like all the numbers they cite are within the margin of error. Drinking has apparently decreased eight percent in two years, however, which is significant.

Cap Times ed board on Edgewater: “The truth is that the mayor is less concerned about democracy than about his inability to get his way.”

And I’m going to keep bitching about this until somebody tells John Nichols himself: Why the hell is the first post on the Cap Times “Election Matters” blog about Kathleen Falk’s re-election last April (with one comment)? There are more recent posts below that.

Guess what has the most comments? Road conditions + Wisconsin + scapegoat = internet sensation.

Very interesting…Sen. Russ Feingold proposing a constitutional version of the line-item veto.

Van Hollen affirms idea that UW student government is subject to open records laws.

Condoms in Milwaukee schools is a great idea. That unlimited free condoms be part of universal health care would be an even better idea. 50% on Milwaukee County blog support the idea. However, as James Rowen points out, many on the right are nobly pushing for that time when there was no contraception but teen pregnancies never occurred.

Next week: How the feminists invented rape and sexual harassment.

November unemployment numbers slightly worse than October.

The slashing of benefits for Milwaukee County workers continues. Worse still, the County Board has succumbed to Walker’s defense of bigotry by saying that domestic partnership benefits will cost too much.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s shocking, truly shocking that a legal case involving whether a student government is subject to the open records law should involve the most corrupt and incompetent one in the state.

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