Franken is a grade-A Sody


Al Franken did two things today that earned the Senator from Sody some love from the Sconz.

First, he introduced his foot to the ass of John Thune, who, studliness aside, is a tool.

More importantly, in a bizarre break from Senate custom, Sen. Al Franken, who was serving as presiding officer during afternoon debate on health care, did not grant Sen. Joe Liebermann an extra minute to finish his speech. The C-SPAN addicts among you likely know that the Senate functions largely on an informal “unanimous consent” tradition, which speeds up business and gets some of the more mundane, uncontroversial issues (resolutions honoring high school water polo teams etc) out of the way.

Franken, a newbie, shut down Lieberman’s request for “just an extra moment.” The Straight Talk Express came out against Franken’s move.

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5 Responses to “Franken is a grade-A Sody”

  1. NonanJimwyoming Says:

    WAY TO GO FRANKEN! I would like to see Lieberman walk a mile in the shoes of the families he is fighting to destroy. The families he believes are expendible. Walk in those shoes Lieberman, you would probably melt. You are evil Lieberman

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    As a fair rebuttal to NonanJimwyoming, I think you should at least get your facts straight. You should be a lot more upset with President Obama and Max Baucus than you should be with Lieberman. Lieberman, as progressive blogger Jane Hamsher points out, is simply a scapegoat for both Obama and Baucus. The goal was never to provide single-payer health care, nor a public option. Read these three stories and you’ll think much differently of Lieberman:

    Furthermore, even Sen. Feingold points out, this is the piece of health care legislation Obama wanted all along. So, don’t be so quick to point the finger at Lieberman. There’s much more to the story than this and this is just mainstream media sensationalism.


    • Jack Says:

      Steve, those articles may change the way liberals think about Obama, but they don’t change the way to think about Lieberman.

      • Steve Horn Says:

        That’s true. I just thought it was worthwhile to look at the broader picture. By no means do I support Lieberman’s antics or behavior, either and he certainly deserves all the criticism he has faced, and then some. Lieberman is in bed with the Health Insurance Lobby, too. But because Obama and Baucus also are, they are in no position to lay the blame on Lieberman, while excluding themselves form it. This is the deal they actually negotiated with the health insurance lobby from the start, but it just makes Lieberman exclusively, rather than all three of them, look like the culprits.

  3. Gerald Cox Says:

    Libearls are wimps. I want out.

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