Brunch Links


Sleep deprived and slightly delirious, waiting for Memorial Library to open, the Sconz delivers Brunch Links nevertheless.

Legislature passes new OWI laws. More ignition locks: relevant. Fourth offense felony: I’m betting it won’t change much.

Mayor Dave calls the death (maybe) of the Edgewater project a result of “system failure.”

Political divide on the Supreme Court? Who’d a thunk it?

Uh oh, the Cap Times is defending “hard working Madisonians” against the antics of an elitist mayor. John Nichols has apparently been spending too much time on Hardball.

Wow, Sean Duffy, the sexy former Real World contestant-turned-Congressional candidate is hosting a “money bomb” in protest of Rep. Dave Obey. Money bomb is apparently an offshoot of the tea party movement.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party’s visionary approach to negative campaigning: the scatological attack.

Finally, a Rep. Leah Vukmir becomes the first Republican to earn a well-deserved round of boos at a health care forum when she accused medicinal marijuana supporters of using sick people to make pot legal for everyone. Hopefully she’s right.

UW to get mad money from $1.1 trillion omnibus bill passed earlier this week.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Patrick Says:

    For clarification purposes, “money bombs” are not offshoots of the tea party movement. Whether or not his were the first, the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign had by far the most successful and were definitely ones that popularized the idea. Largest single day fundraising effort ever until the day Obama accepted the nomination.

  2. Jim Arndt Says:

    “Hopefully she’s right.”

    Fist Bump

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