Walker wins victory against gay rights


Journal Sentinel:

A Milwaukee County Board committee on Monday recommended that the full board sustain County Executive Scott Walker’s veto of a measure that would lay the groundwork for granting domestic partner health benefits to county employees.

What’s interesting and disturbing is how the opponents of gay rights frame the issue as a question of cost. One member of the board who had originally voted in favor of the proposal switched her vote, citing the cost, as if she pragmatic considerations would be taken into account when assessing other city benefits.

This argument is inherently based on the premise that gays don’t deserve the benefits as much as straight couples, but those who use it won’t admit it.

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2 Responses to “Walker wins victory against gay rights”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Scott Walker needs to be called out for being a social extremist. I think I may take the opportunity if there’s ever a town-hall forum.

    I was a guest (of a church I belonged to at the time) at a dinner for Pro-Life Wisconsin, a Catholic anti-abortion group. This is not just a group that advocates overturning Roe v. Wade — it also believes that contraception is inherently immoral, and that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, including rape and incest. Needless to say, my views are not parallel with the group, but a free meal is indeed a free meal, and I suspected Mr. Walker would be there and we could finally meet.

    And 50-75 percent of the people in the room gave Scott Walker a standing ovation when his presence there was announced. Someone should ask what in the hell he was doing at this dinner; at the very least, its the equivalent of attending an anti-gay-rights dinner advocating the re-instutionalization of sodomy laws.

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