Brunch Links during fire drill


FIRE ALARM. I was just evacuated from Memorial Library and some people here at Espresso Royale say they were kicked out of Humanities. I suppose it makes sense – this is the last day before finals. Gotta fill that fire drill quota. However, there are people studying for bacteriology exams and more importantly, the Sconz nation needs its brunch links. PIZZA EXTREME.

Excitement mounting about Edgewater vote tonight. The Cap Times urges the Council to affirm the Landmark Commission’s rejection of the plan.

Although I don’t believe Brenda Konkel has ever officially come out against the Edgewater project, but she seems to suggest that the Landmarks Commission’s authority should be respected. I have heard this feeling echoed by other Council veterans.

Doyle vetoes bill that would require the board of regents to be composed of members from different areas of the state, saying that the presence of hicks on the board will threaten the body’s unity. Kittridge comments: SLAC is right, but the tactics are wrong.

Legislature to hold special session on drunk driving. They will likely celebrate the occassion by driving drunk.

SLAC gives Biddy Martin ‘F’ in ‘swiftness’ on her worker rights report card.

“All students know Milwaukee’s Best is a horrible beer” is the lead of this Herald news article.

I knew Memorial Union had a bizarre, perhaps eerily neo-pagan history on its walls, but I always assumed it was drunken Sconnie bullshit. The Daily Cardinal tells of a UW Secret Society of the campus elite (way before the ‘campus elite of the CB). And I was worried about that giant Freemason lodge on West Washington…

State Journal: Obama should veto spending bill that Feingold voted against. Fat chance. Also, the State Journal did not include any of the money Herb Kohl got for Wisconsin in its list of frivolous earmarks.

Mark Neumann: Voters “have to choose between someone whose resume includes a career in politics and someone with private sector experience coupled with a successful political career.”

Ed Garvey and Barbara Quirk urge action on hunger in the U.S.

Should rape be prosecuted differently based on the sex of the victim?


3 Responses to “Brunch Links during fire drill”

  1. Irish Frog Says:

    lede (lēd)
    n. The introductory portion of a news story, especially the first sentence.

    [Obsolete spelling of lead, revived in modern journalism to distinguish the word from lead, strip of metal separating lines of type.]

  2. Jim Arndt Says:

    “Also, the State Journal did not include any of the money Herb Kohl got for Wisconsin in its list of frivolous earmarks.”

    Now that is rich. I got a kick of my RSS feed having one press release from Feingold saying he voted against the bill because it is wasteful, followed by four from Kohl bragging about bringing home the bacon. Nice.

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