What is Barry really after?


The Herald ran what looks like a front page story today on AD Barry Alvarez’s (who I have heard from informed sources is a bit of a d-bag) push for the addition of a 12th school to the Big Ten without really covering why Alvarez is doing so.

There are two reasons:

1. To be able to split the conference in order to have an end of the season football conference championship

2. To get into the east coast media market (thats why schools like Rutgers and Syracuse are being talked about)

From the day the Big Ten Network was established there were talks about conference expansion. I guess I don’t really care who is added, so long as they don’t diminish the the Big Ten academically or have a golden dome in the middle of campus. I just don’t trust Barry, which may be a bit of a lonely view to hold on campus.

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9 Responses to “What is Barry really after?”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    The reason that we didn’t cover why Alvarez wanted this is because it’s him reporting what the Big Ten commissioner told him…so it’s what he wants, not necessarily Alvarez.

  2. Patrick Says:

    How does bringing Pitt into the Big Ten unlock any new media markets? There are plenty of Penn State fans in Pittsburgh…

    If you were talking Notre Dame (with their NBC TV deal), Missouri or Nebraska, then I could see expanded TV coverage as a reason behind expansion.

  3. Jack Says:

    Am I the only one who believes a conference should remain true to its regional foundation? I’m down with the Big 10 having 11 teams, which I think is a bit of an eccentric twist (and I hope the Ten Commandments follows suit). 12 teams might make a name change necessary though, which would not be cool. And I would rather bring in any midwestern team than a team from the East Coast or the South, which would be the first step in eliminating the conference’s regional association.

  4. Slane Says:

    Notre Dame would be ideal, naturally. Beyond that, what schools in the Midwest region would want to leave their conferences for a revamped Big 10?

  5. Alec S Says:

    You’re right Patrick Pitt wouldn’t do much, I meant to say Syracuse which, like Rutgers, is being talked about almost solely because of their location in the New York market. Also, Notre Dame has been the school most pursued by the Big Ten to be the 12th team in the past, largely because of, among other things, their television contract and potential value to the conference.

    You are definitely not the only one Jack. That has definitely come up in articles I have read about the potential expansion. It just seems wrong to bring a team located right on the coast into the Big Ten.

  6. Anon Says:

    Mizzou is probably who we are after. Rutgers and Pitt are too far east, and nobody is going to get ND out of their NBC contract, including the Big East. The Big 12 would probably let it happen, if they could snake Boise State away from the WAC to replace them, or Utah from the Mountain West. This is all of course, more sports related then academic, and i am not up to speed on the academic quality of all the conferences involved.

  7. Irish Frog Says:

    I love the Big Ten, and I really don’t care if they add another team. However, I hate the way the schedules are decided. If we’re going to have 12 teams in the conference, lets drop the stupid high school teams at the start of the season, lets drop the psudo-bowl game at the end (I’m looking at you Hawaii), and just play round robin. With 11 teams you’ve got to deal with a bye week, but with 12, each team could play their 11 games….I guess they could play one high school team, and then bowl season. Lets friggin play each other if we’re going to be in the same conference.

  8. Julian Says:

    A thorough and informed breakdown of the possibilities can be found here.


  9. Gerald Cox Says:

    every team schedules some cupcakes to get some easy Ws. WIthout cupcakes, your conference starts beating each other up, and you don’t send Ohio States and PSUs to Rose Bowls.

    Notre Dame is the only team that has ever made any sense, but Michigan ruined that for us years ago. Adding Pitt would be like adding Marquette. But adding teams like Syracuse or Mizzou will never ever happen as those teams like their respective conferences. It’s a Midwest conference, and I’d love 12 teams, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    I think Penn State and Northwestern are the odd men out in the Big Ten. Penn State deserves to stay based off of football. Northwestern has had some suprising success with wins over Iowa and Wisconsin this year and a better bowl than us. But I say they go, and we add two other teams like Mizzou and Pitt or somethin.

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