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What I am presenting you now should not be mistaken for Brunch Links – that requires some time and dedication. Because I have two exams today, I just picked out a few links I thought deserved some attention. The rest of exam week, however, I will be completely free and I will deliver the best brunch links ever for your consumption.

Badger Herald ed board begs Council to approve Edgewater project. Maybe Mike Verveer will be glad to miss the Herald end-of-semester party after all…

Guess the three members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation who hold significant interests in the health care industry.

On Milwaukee: Gangs aren’t growing, but ‘thug mentality’ is.

Controversy also continues in Milwaukee over the sale of county lands. Asks Cognitive Dissidence, what kind of green will Milwaukee County go for?

“According to a recent Pew research poll, only 37 percent of Americans believe global warming is man-made. With the left continually and rancorously belittling the other 63 percent as being uneducated simpletons, it’s time to set a few things straight.” Can somebody find that number for me?

4 Responses to “A few links”

  1. Chris Liebenthal Says:

    Just for the record, besides being the author and proprietor of Cog Dis, I am also the Chair of Milwaukee County First.

    Thank you for the shout out. This has been a contentious issue that the local media has been ignoring.

  2. Todd Stevens Says:

    I believe Matt got his statistics from here:


    And actually it appears the number they have is 36% instead of 37%, my bad.

    • Jack Says:

      It was nevertheless disingenuous for him to imply that 63% do not believe man is linked to global warming. Many of those responded that they are unsure.

      Plus, that same study found this:

      Despite the growing public skepticism about global warming, the survey finds more support than opposition for a policy to set limits on carbon emissions.

  3. Ryan Says:

    That sounds like the number of Americans that believe in evolution. Bill Maher’s right, this is a stupid country…

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