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In a bit of a rush again today. What happens when I’m in a rush is that I take a lot of articles from a few press sources because I don’t have time to explore more blogs etc. Don’t act like you’re not famished for a shot of wheatgrass.

Go Chadbourne says Smathers. Kittridge responds: “Jason, you ignorant slut. While the Southeast dorms are, undoubtedly, filled with men dumber than SEC athletes and women looser than JNCO jeans, they have nothing on the mouth-breathers over on Lakeshore.”

Bridget Maniaci offers reasons to procrastinate…on housing. I agree, unless you’re looking for a place for more than two other roomies, there’s no need to rush.

MPD says that if helps people slow down, they’re all for it. Seriously? So cops now believe that people who go slowly by traps but speed otherwise are doing the right thing?

SJ and SAC chairs have their stipends increased.

A poll done on Brenda Konkel’s blog shows most people believe alders will not “follow the law” in voting to overturn the Landmarks Commission position on the Edgewater renovation (Brenda seems to assume that the Council will override it).

I don’t know about you but I’ll be free on Dec. 15th to play Edgewater drinking games with Dusty Weis. Some of you (I’m guessing) may not be as lucky.

Journal Sentinel: Find more money for snow plowing state legislature!

I know a lot of my readers are avid bingo players so I thought you should read the newest proposed regulations.

Matt Vogel, UW-La Crosse community health education specialist, said education and a change in society’s mentality about mind-altering substances could help prevent abuse.

Well wouldn’t you know? Two legislators from northern Wisconsin oppose creating regent districts that are supposed to give more representation on the board to areas outside of Milwaukee/Madison.

Well Badger Herald ed board, if Republicans aren’t allowed to legislate on football then what else are they going to say they got done?


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  1. Paul Axel Says:

    Hey, there’s more talk going on about Big Ten expansion.

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