Brenda Konkel vs. Mayor Dave


From Brenda Konkel’s Facebook:

Just decided the Mayor is nuts. If he wants the Landmarks Comm. to be advisory, does that mean CC approves all Cert. of Appropriateness?

This is the same debate that defined the bus fare increase last Spring. Mayor Dave wanted to raise the fare by 50 cents to fund Madison Metro deficit, but the Transit and Parking Commission only approved a 25 cent increase. He then got approval from the City Attorney to ask the Council to overturn the Transit Commission.


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4 Responses to “Brenda Konkel vs. Mayor Dave”

  1. Kyle S Says:

    Jack, what is YOUR opinion on this latest development? Specifically, do you still dismiss those who have expressed concern about the Mayor’s authoritarian style? Do you still believe it would be accurate to call him an “inclusive” executive, as I believe you did in your Isthmus piece a few weeks ago?

  2. Jack Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever “dismissed” those who say the mayor is authoritarian.

    You are misrepresenting what I wrote. I used the ALRC debate as an instance in which the mayor was choosing to be inclusive, not saying that he is at all times. If I’d had more space I might have looked into more specific instances in which the mayor is accused of micromanaging city committees, which I do not believe should be his role. Nothing I wrote in that piece was meant to be a commentary on mayor dave, but a commentary on the position of the mayor in Madison.

    I have heard from sources that Mayor Dave is impatient and vindictive at times. However, those sources also say that he means well and that he tries to work with people before he goes on the attack. I personally like Mayor Dave – and I don’t think that prevents me from admiring some of his critics, such as Brenda Konkel.

    I think the Council should be able to overrule the findings of commissions by a super majority, so I don’t hold it against him for doing that. However, threats to abolish commissions worry me. I hope that was an isolated case of extreme anger.

  3. lukas Says:

    I’m kinda surprised at some of the battles Mayor Cieslewicz picks. For a bikie-ish advocate and an environmentlist, it seemed like an odd thing to force through.

    And the Edgewater TIF thing? There are other projects out there. 16 TIF million dollars for a hotel and turning ordinances upside down to force it through? Madison won’t fall apart if Edgewater doesn’t get through. And don’t get me started on the rumor that Mayor Cieslewicz is going to change the shoreline preservation ordinance for Edgewater. That would be messed up, especially for someone who is getting preachy about not using too much salt.

  4. Brenda Says:

    It’s kind of not the same as the Transit and Parking Commission, in this case, the Council will have an extra 100 or so items per year and it will result in delays for people who own property in Historic Districts if the Commission can no longer make what are usually more minor decisions.

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