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Ohhhhhh shit! The Sconz and Eating in Madison A to Z hit up Pizza di Roma. Slightly abbreviated links today.

Lakeshore beats Southeast in epic snowball battle. What about Chadbourne? Studying?

Of course, gotta plug Sconz contributor Jaimie: Give $20 (preferably more) to charity this holiday season.

Nothing changes at all about UW drinking but a new definition of “binge drinking” makes it look different. Only 72 percent o students have drank since coming to college?

Margaret Krome seems to believe that drinking is only getting worse.

Erik Paulson: UW needs to develop better housing services for students.

No Jamie Stark, not all card-carrying liberals bought a copy of Going Rogue.

Sometimes I want honey. Sometimes I don’t. This bill will allow me to make that crucial choice more easily.

Turkey is not perfect, and the denial of the Armenian genocide is disgusting, but this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Military dictatorship?

Cap Times worried about loss of public option in health care reform. Surprisingly, the New York Times differs.


12 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    here’s the real stark link (you linked to the turkey article twice):

  2. Jim Arndt Says:

    One of these days Jack, I’m taking a picture of my preferred brunch, bagels dipped in bacon grease.

  3. Jim Arndt Says:

    And I’ve got to add this link. Beer can collecting losing popularity among youth:

    • Ordinary Jill Says:

      That article brought back memories. Our neighbor’s kid had an impressive collection back in the 1970s. My brother had a far more modest collection. The Lazy Oaf Lounge (on Stoughton Road, just north of East Wash) has an old can collection displayed above the bar. I assumed the hobby died out 20 years ago.

  4. Kyle S Says:

    The whole idea is that the military, the country’s only significant secular force, is in opposition to the (mild) Islamism of the government. To this end, there have been terrorist plots and threats of coups. But the military itself has not been in charge for years. One would think that somebody would have edited out such an embarrassing claim.

  5. Jack Says:

    Haha, you realize you’ve become my unofficial copy editor right Emma?

    And Jim, bring it on. I’d be glad to showcase any local dish.

  6. Dusty Says:

    I’m sorry, but is anybody as disappointed in the Southeast dorms as I am? Losing the old Ogg really took some of the scrappiness out.

  7. Eric Schmidt Says:

    I am more skeptical of this “binge drinking decrease” report than humanly possible. There’s 6,068 people who were surveyed, and reportedly the percentage who binge-drink dropped from 54 to 51 percent. Any statistician knows you need to know the standard deviation on those results to do a significance test. I’m betting the finding isn’t statistically significant in the slightest.

  8. Gerald Cox Says:

    As a real live pseudo-statistician, I’d point out that the decrease from 05 (59%) to 09 (52%) is probably outside of the Margin of error with that many respondents, Eric. But it’s not really asking the same question anymore, so I’m sure your stats professor would freak.

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