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Does anybody remember the last time UW classes were cancelled? I’d be surprised if my blog readership is old enough to have somebody who remembers. According to the Herald, this may very well be the first time in the school’s history.

Of course, UW is not the only state institution that’s closed. The city is closed, AND the entire state government is closed. Doyle orders. Again, some have suggested that a snow day is a great excuse to get a furlough day in, although I’m not sure this would count, which would be even better for state money.

Advice of the Day: With exam week quickly approaching and swine flu still lingering in the air, students are encouraged to communicate with their professors if they are ill, and they are strongly discouraged from fabricating false excuses to avoid taking an exam.

Sean Kittridge, writing for the Herald editorial board, suggest the new Union South be called Bob. Should Kittridge really have to write editorials anymore since he’s the only one running the Opinion section?

Kevin Bargnes writes an article about de facto segregation in America. The narrative was good but I don’t think the conclusion made a whole lot of sense.

Cardinal editorial board discusses racial profiling.

What the hell is wrong with the Cap Times’ “election matters” blog? When I saw that the first story was about Kathleen Falk, I thought maybe it was because John Nichols was as crazy as Eric Schmidt. Then I saw that the story was from April, when she had just been re-elected County Executive.

Dave Zweifel points the hypocrisy of the anti-rail crowd.

Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah) is keeping us safe from terrorists. Jim Arndt provides a good visual.

Dan Sully provides his “top 9 of 09” list in movies.

Bryon Eagon reminds up to check up on city winter policies, including parking and shoveling.


6 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    The key is FULL day. We’ve had a few in which classes were cancelled after a certain point during the day, but they may be right on the full day of classes.

  2. Gerald Cox Says:

    …and say what? There’s only one person running opinion? Gahwhat?

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    That’s correct. Kittridge has been going it alone since Schmidt stepped down at the beginning of November.

  4. Irish Frog Says:

    GAH! The stupid bus system needs to be more clear. Are they closed, are they up and running? Their home page reads this (11:25am):

    All Metro fixed-route and paratransit service has been cancelled for the rest of the day due to unsafe road conditions. As conditions allow, service will resume on Thursday.

    However the Transit Tracker, which is supposed to provide up to the minute information on where the bus really is (as opposed to where it’s supposed to be) is still giving out times when buses are showing up. The tracker says this about bad weather:


    This is more likely to happen during hazardous road conditions. An example would a bus becoming disabled because of road conditions and a second bus being placed in service in it’s place. The TRANSIT TRACKER may not receive the data about the 2nd bus immediately. This may result in inaccurate data and a bus providing on-time service may not be displayed properly in the TRANSIT TRACKER system for a short period of time.

    That’s fine, but if all the buses are shut down, can’t you inform the tracker that there are no buses out there? I get that it can be a few minutes off as another bus comes to help a stranded bus, but if they’re all shut down…..comeon. /crabby

  5. Jason Joyce Says:

    I was a junior when it was called off in 1990. I was a page at the Capitol and I walked up State past jack-knifed buses to learn that the state was closed. We went to the Union for lunch and watched wind surfers on Mendota, then over to Camp Randall for a massive game of touch football in the snow. I lost my keys in some snow pile somewhere and waited for my roommate at the Flamingo, which is now City Bar or whatever.

    One of the best days of college.

  6. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I also remember that storm in 1990, when the UW closed, although I was no longer a student at the time.

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