I can’t get on the UW website right now to confirm, but a combination of my roommates drinking and the Badger Herald reporting it make me pretty confident it is for real.

An announcement of canceled class by 8p.m.? This must all be a result of a big lobbying effort by Marsh Shapiro. I can guarantee he will get a lot more business tonight than a typical Tuesday now.



  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t take the Herald’s word for it…all they print is lies…

  2. Paul A. Says:

    Marsh’s doing?

    Fuck that; it’s Bacon Night!

  3. Nonies Says:

    I think the university is looking for an easy way to use up one of their furlough days…when else have we had a snow day in the last 4 years?

  4. jaimiec Says:

    This is supposed to be a pretty huge blizzard. The safety of students and faculty is important regardless of the university’s intentions.

  5. Gerald Cox Says:

    Holy bats this is a lot of snow! I can’t get my car anywheres!

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