Brunch Links


BIG STORM A COMIN. If you’re looking for some long johns there’s a guy I met on State St the other day who offered me some at a discount price (not discounted enough for the $2 in my pocket). A sandwich from JJ’s.

It’s the Final Countdown! Edgewater goes before Council tonight.

Lambeau thrived last night, but Miller Park continues to struggle due to low sales tax receipts.

The Daily Cardinal will be doing a feature on “the most influential films of [whatever decade this is].” How can we judge influence in relatively new movies? Any names come to mind? If you have any ideas, send them to Dan Sully.

Verveer on Alcohol Density Plan: “I don’t want to avoid potentially cool establishments coming to the downtown area.”

Daily Cardinal: Talk about diversity. Is the Cardinal also participating in the Herald’s diversity week? I always advocated friendship, not marriage. Meanwhile, the Herald continues to publish openly racist comments in response to their diversity columns. This is not promoting dialogue, this is legitimizing hate.

Michigan filing suit to force Chicago to close its locks to Lake Michigan. The issue of Asian Carp is quickly becoming an intra-state Midwest showdown. Journal Sentinel says “fuck yeah!” Figuratively.

Anybody taking the GRE in 2011? Less geometry and more data analysis for you.

New Glarus’s 2010 beer lineup.

People are pissed about this year’s dismal deer hunt. Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker is accusing the DNR or mismanaging the deer population, and is calling for heads [non-venison] on platters.

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    i think our opinion desk had already been planning diversity week awhile in advance, but i’ll let todd confirm or deny that.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    I’ll confirm it: Brace told me the same thing. They planned their’s awhile ago. If anything, mine was more in response to the Carpenter beef while the Cardinal actually had a plan. So kudos to them.

    As for the racist comments: I’ll keep my eye on them. Deleted one, but left the first comment on that story up because, although ignorant, it is coming from a point of view that I would rather someone will or reply to. The second one was just sort of crazy, so I cut that one.

  3. Todd Stevens Says:

    Yes, we had actually been planning this for a while, but because of the stir caused by Andrew Carpenter’s affirmative action column (as well as a couple other scheduling difficulties) we coincidentally wound up running it at the same time as the Herald.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So free speech is fine as long as its not racist.

  5. Jack Says:

    It’s incredible how many people don’t seem to understand the American concept of free speech. Especially on the right…

    A newspaper is not a government. It is a private enterprise that can publish whatever it wants. Good newspapers publish good material, and bad ones publish bad material. It really has nothing to do with free speech.

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