Analiese Eicher’s press conference


Head count: 15 non-media members, a photographer and writer from each campus paper and Michael Johnson’s campaign manager. Compared to the 3-4 supporters at Johnson’s earlier event, if it wasn’t already clear – Eicher begins as the favorite.

After a few minutes of personal background, including a reference to a Tammy Baldwin rally that she credits for interest in politics, Eicher specifies the maintenance of the Health and Human Services Department, the improvement of air and water quality and the protection of the local economy as her policy priorities. She finishes to a rousing applause from her partisans.

Both she and Johnson gave relatively predictable talking points, although Johnson’s included more lefty code words and referenced the issue of inequality. In her anecdote about seeing Tammy Baldwin, Eicher emphasized her inspiration by strong female leaders like Baldwin and Hillary Clinton, suggesting that feminism will be a central component of her campaign’s identity.

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