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Cold as hell for October but just right for December. That white stuff is snow. Pizza Brutta. I’ve never had the pleasure. Have you? The picture won’t load. Too bad.

Shocking story of a “coastie” joke gone way too far.

Mary Lazich invokes her misunderstanding of history to defend Supreme Court elections: “Our country was founded as a Republic and the main foundation was and should continue to be representative government. The people elect their government.  People have a basic, fundamental right to be participatory in their government in our great country.  I am not thrilled about any notion of taking away that right.”

Jim Sensenbrenner in the New York Times. You can bet it ain’t purty. “While lobbyists are not supposed to pay for a lawmaker’s travel, for example, Mr. Sensenbrenner’s $14,708 trip to Liechtenstein and Germany in 2009 was organized by a nonprofit group whose president is a lobbyist. It was underwritten by European companies that, in many cases, lobby in the United States.”

“Marijuana colleges.”

“Hey Obama, let momma marry momma,” shout gay pride paraders Saturday in Madison.

You may soon be paying $3 more a month for water. Shower once less per week and flush the toilet only every other time. Problem solved.

First it’s “drunken driving” instead of drunk driving. Now it’s “safety belts” instead of a good ol’ fashioned American seat belt. Either way, both issues will receive extra attention from the cops this week.

Are new companies the path out of recession? Debate at Brewtown Gumshoe.

Upper-level political science class will air talk show on Big Ten network. Where’s the history talk show? Doesn’t anybody want to hear my presentation on the French extreme right’s use of anti-semitism in rhetoric?

Biddy Martin gives Nike four months to address its worker-rights issues.

Solar panels at the Capitol. That’s not on the very top is it?

Can the GOP win a statewide election in Wisconsin?

I believe Jim Arndt is forming the liberals against MSNBC coalition. Sign me up.


14 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. jaimiec Says:

    I used to have a friend that worked at Pizza Brutta. I’ve heard it’s really good.

  2. the Rising Jurist Says:

    Pizza Brutta is indeed fantastic. It’s wood-fired Neapolitan style, which is much different from the other excellent pizza options in town (e.g. Roman Candle). Definitely something you should check out.

  3. Jesse Says:

    I’m learning that “coastie” isn’t simply used to describe someone from the coast. Awkward.

  4. JmSR Says:

    Yeah, I have never invoked Sex or Sect in definition of Coastie and the “Coastie Song” only nailed these unfortunate connections that I feel the word never intended to have. That appropriation makes me uncertain if I can use the word as I needed it for its original prupose:

    “People who can’t dress for winter and don’t stay for summer.”

  5. Jack Says:

    Jesse and JmSR,

    I’ve started to think about the underlying meaning of “coastie” while I’ve been doing this research on anti-semitism in the rhetoric of this far right French party, the Front National. The party has to find code-words to get the idea across because openly denouncing Jews is both socially unacceptable and illegal in France. So it uses euphemisms, such as “cosmopolitan” to get the point across.

    I would say first, that many people who regularly use the term coastie do not mean it to have any reference to Jews, especially people from areas of Wisconsin with almost no Jews at all. I think the implication of Jewishness comes more from people in urban areas (or the east coast) who have grown up around terms like “Jap” (Jewish American Princess). People like me, who are either Jewish themselves or went to high schools with high Jewish populations.

  6. No Sleep ’till Madison « Madison Sandinista Says:

    […] Sleep ’till Madison 2009 December 7 by pvtwitt The Sconz linked to this press release by Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin). I mean, wow, her office takes an […]

  7. UW Alumnus Says:

    There has been an undercurrent of antisemitism for decades when it comes to the campus politics between in and out-of-state students at UW-Madison. The popularization of the term “Coastie,” which supplanted the almost synonymous “North Face Girl” and “Towers Girl” labels more popular in the ’90s, is only the latest manifestation of this phenomenon. The university long ago made a practice of admitting Jewish students from the East Coast because they were black-balled from the Ivies, and the dynamic between “Coasties” and “Sconnies” has been a constant part of campus life ever since. To profess ignorance about the ethnic/religious undercurrent of the label is pretty stunning.

  8. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Nice shout-out to “Office Hours!” I wormed my way into that PoliSci class with Prof. Goldstein and can’t wait for the experience.


  9. Todd Stevens Says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with our UW Alumnus friend, I think it’s perfectly understandable to miss the ethnic connotations of the Coastie/Sconnie divide. In general campus conversation, wide swaths of campus never hear mention of the Jewish associations of the Coastie label. I imagine groups like fraternities and sororities might hear that kind of connection more often, but speaking from my own experience, I never heard mention of “Coastie” meaning “Jewish” until reading a Critical Badger post about the topic midway through my sophomore year.
    For your average student from Oshkosh, Tomah or the Twin Cities suburbs, where the Jewish population isn’t nearly as high as it is in Chicago or Milwaukee, I think Jack has it right. They just pick up the term “Coastie” when they get here thinking it simply means “people from the coast,” and given there is hardly any effort to negate this idea, I find it hard to be critical of anybody who makes this assumption.

  10. Pizza Lover (and UW alumnus) Says:

    Pizza Brutta – Best pizza I have every had, period.

  11. Pizza Lover (and UW alumnus) Says:

    *ever. I guess my degree is not free of spelling errors.

  12. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I also think many young Wisconsin adults do not understand that anti-semitism is still a problem for many Jewish Americans. Although Wisconsin has a small Jewish population, it is actually growing in Dane County (unlike New York City), and we have some prominent politicians in the state who happen to be Jewish (Senators Kohl and Feingold, and Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson come to mind). For a small-town Sconnie, Jews do not seem like an oppressed class of people, so it may not occur to many students that “Coastie” slurs are ever aimed at someone’s Jewish identity, any more than “Sconnie” ridicules Lutherans.

  13. Jesse Says:

    In reference to this statrement specifically: “I think the implication of Jewishness comes more from people in urban areas (or the east coast) who have grown up around terms like ‘Jap’ (Jewish American Princess).”

    I’m working on a post that should (hopefully) be up tomorrow regarding the Coastie song and specifically the use of the term “Jewish American Princess.” As someone who grew up outside of NYC and had numerous friends in the Jewish community (and for a short time a girlfriend) I only know that term as a hateful slur. When I heard it in the song I was absolutely shocked that anyone would find the perpetuation of a stereotype intended to demean Jewish women. It is both antisemitic and degrading to women at the same time.

  14. Slane Says:

    Gotta agree with Jesse here. Having lived most of my life in a suburb outside Boston with about a 20% Jewish population, hearing “Jewish American Princess” simply brought up negative connotations. Sure, it’s not as blatantly hateful as FIB, but its used in the same vein, just without obscenities.

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