The game ball goes to Bo


Why not a little sports-related talk on The Sconz?

For those who were not in attendance for the Duke game at the Kohl Center last night, it was the most raucous, energetic crowd I have seen in my four years of having season tickets. It is hard not to understate how intense the crowd was, especially the students. The first 10 minutes of the game had to have been one of the most, if not the most, deafening stretches of time in Kohl Center history.

We all know this was because, well, we were playing Duke. But, few outlets have covered how exactly we got Duke to come to the Kohl Center. Safe to say, Coach K plays where he wants to. Tom Oates, in his column published on, revealed, once again, that there is one reason Duke was in Madison last night: Bo Ryan.

Bo didn’t think his team was getting a fair shake in terms of matchups in the nationally televised Big Ten/ACC Challenge so he threw his weight around with the Big Ten to pressure ESPN to get him a home game with a big opponent. The result was last night.

A little politics in the world of sports. Crazy, right?


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