State-Langdon meeting on Edgewater


Fred Mohs is currently giving his take on the Edgewater renovation. He is urging the State-Langdon Neighborhood Association to take a position on the project, and hopefully to side with his neighborhood group, Capitol Neighborhoods Inc, which State-Langdon seceded from last year.

According to Mohs, the Edgewater developers have not paid attention to zoning regulations from the project’s beginning. For instance, he cited its ignoring the Lakeshore Development Ordinance, which requires all property owners to get a survey of the surrounding area to determine how far back from the water the property must be set.

Mohs nevertheless voices support for high rise student housing. He has contrasted the development proposed earlier in the meeting, for an eight story student apartment complex, which he believes is based off of existing rules, with the Edgewater, which he believes is based on exceptions to the rules.

“An Edgewater Hotel can be built without these objections,” Mohs concluded.

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6 Responses to “State-Langdon meeting on Edgewater”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    Didn’t State-Langdon already make up it’s mind on this one awhile ago?

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Apparently, Mohs was there to talk about a Mendota Ct. Development? I’ve not looked at the story yet, but it’ll be posted soon enough.

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