Homophobia: Can the GOP ever get away from it?


How can they get away from gay bashing when so many of its grassroots base so obviously thirsts for it? How can mainstream Republican candidates make it out of the primaries without getting drawn into a “I hate fags more than you do” argument with an extremist primary opponent?

As Brad Vogel notes, the 7th Congressional district primary displays the painful process of eliminating homophobia from the GOP’s rhetoric in moderate states like Wisconsin. The following video is a very low budget campaign ad run by Dan Mielke, a far-right challenger to presumed nominee Sean Duffy, who was once a cast member on the Real World. Mielke goes after Duffy for sympathizing with the “gay agenda.”

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One Response to “Homophobia: Can the GOP ever get away from it?”

  1. Jim Arndt Says:

    Mielke is a joke. I think the odds are pretty good that within a few decades, as a new generation enters political office, basic gay rights will no long be a contentious issue. Duffy doesn’t support gay marriage (possibly for purely reasons), but he’s not an old school homophobe either. The left needs to continue to fight for gay rights at every opportunity though…can’t be passive on this.

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