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SNOWING. High of…freezing and low of 10 below that. How are you feeling today? Are you confident that you could pass the new Republican purity test? Healthy French toast.

Students storm court. Nice. There’s very rarely a threat of stampede violence after Badger games. The students picked the right moment to change that. Can a reasonable person resist detesting Duke? I think not.

Edgewater is on the line next Tuesday. Because Alds. Michael Schumacher and Mark Clear will be absent (??), five votes against the Edgewater will kill the project. More on that later.

Fearful Symmetries: How can the renovated Edgewater possibly be any uglier than the current one? Photos of some other ugly buildings in the area.

Legislature may call special session to get drunk driving reform through.

But important prison reforms will have to wait. I don’t see them getting through if Doyle vetoed them. Scott Walker sure as hell won’t be down.

Bassey Etim comments on the recent departure of photo editor Jeff Schorfheide and seems to suggest that Jeff was correct in whatever conflict came between him and the news staff.

Patrick McEwen: “In reality, any claims of a colorblind approach are utterly false. No one is colorblind.” Good column, except that the 3rd and 4th paragraphs say exactly the same thing, as if one was the rough draft version that was never taken out.

Sconnie founder tells kids how to make money. Coastie shirts maybe?

Milwaukee Public Schools discuss providing condoms to kids.

21 Dane County Sheriff’s deputies will be laid off if the union doesn’t agree to a pay cut.

How Biden changed Obama’s Afghanistan strategy.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    Just a comment on the Schorfheide dismissal: I let Jeff go from his Photo Editor position, not as a photographer. Obviously, that front page photo on the Herald’s front page is an example of the great work he does. But there was a problem on the management front and had been for a long time. It was a hard decision and I lost a friend, but it had to be done.

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