Mad Madison bars getting sold


The Nitty. The Pub. Now Buck’s.

Now, the majority of my downtown elitist readership has never visited Buck’s Madison Square Garden, located on Regent, in between Park and West Washington. But you would do yourselves a favor by checking it out. Much of what makes Buck’s great – the bartenders who harass you for not drinking fast enough or ordering unmanly drinks – may be perverted by the new owners. Buck’s might sell out. Here is an excerpt from my review of the bar this summer:

The bartender and his team of regulars can be counted on to taunt customers for not drinking enough – just play along and politely decline. The best explanation would definitely be money. Studying and driving are not generally considered acceptable excuses to abstain from inebriation. The catcalls do not abide by campus norms of political correctness or social awareness.

Nevertheless, the State-Langdon Neighborhood Association will be meeting tomorrow night at 6 pm in Room 3155 of the Student Activities Center to discuss Bucks’ new liquor license. In case you forgot, when a bar gets new ownership it needs to reapply for a liquor license. Why is State-Langdon discussing a bar on Regent St? If anything this reveals the policy intent behind the organization: to be a student counter to Capitol Neighborhoods Inc.

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3 Responses to “Mad Madison bars getting sold”

  1. jaimiec Says:

    Sounds like my kinda bar. : )

  2. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I haven’t been to Buck’s since it was located on North Hamilton Street. I seem to recall it was a frequent “Best Scuzzy Bar” winner (an honor that used to be given out by a local newspaper columnist and was highly coveted by certain watering holes).

  3. Todd Stevens Says:

    Hm, this bar appeals to my confrontational side. Definitely going to have to check this out before any changes go through.

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