Looking for a place to study?


The Student Activity Center is apparently the bomb (and yes, I’d like to bring that expression back). ASM Voice lists the following times to study there during Finals week. From what I’ve heard, the SAC is a good place for group studying. It’s a brand new version of College Library, which is just too damn popular for people like me to stand.

Tuesday, 12/15 – Monday, 12/21 8am to 1am
Tuesday, 12/22 8am to 12a
Wednesday, 12/23 8a to 3p
Thursday, 12/23 – Sunday, 1/3 CLOSED
Monday, 1/4 – Friday, 1/8 9a to 5p
Saturday, 1/9 – Sunday, 1/10 CLOSED
Monday, 1/11 – Saturday, 1/16 9a to 5p
Sunday, 1/17 10a to 9p

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3 Responses to “Looking for a place to study?”

  1. the Rising Jurist Says:

    I went to the College Library once (I did not attend UW as an undergrad, but as a law student) and the place was like a night club. It was so crowded, and shockingly loud. Is it always like that? I guess it must be since gum-smacking undergrads were always turning up in the law library.

  2. Jaimie Chapman Says:

    College Library is awful. Good to know about a new place for group study. : )

  3. Gerald Cox Says:

    College Library is the least productive library on campus. There are, however, quiet study rooms that can sometimes afford one a measure of productivity. It’s incredibly packed around finals. As in, people sitting on the floor waiting for groups to vacate tables.

    Law Library is the best. Too bad it gets all elitist around finals.

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