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Good morning. I think I may continue to do Brunch Links a little earlier from now on. Also, if anybody has a class in the Social Sciences building, look out for a message on a desk that reads “Jack Craver licks dicks.” I knew this blog would make me proud one day. Also, just for the hell of it, I encourage you to COMMENT. We’ve been a fair amount of comments recently, but I still think there should be more considering the heavy traffic (400+ a day).

In honor of Andrew Carpenter’s belief in diversity of opinions, I wanted to post a video of Alan Jackson waterskiing in ripped jeans and a cowboy hat, but youtube won’t let me embed videos anymore. So here’s a proud demonstration of American free expression in the name of diversity:

Edgewater renovation FAILS to get “certificate of appropriateness” from the Landmarks Commission. Anybody know what comes up next?  Probably Brenda Konkel, who unfortunately missed the first 3 hours of the 7 hour meeting.

Obviously you should read Alec’s column on affirmative action. Very well-written and discusses very matter-of-factly racism in America.

The newest fad in the right wing blogosphere is apparently hacking climate scientists email accounts. As James Rowen discusses, some emails are cherry-picked and then used to display the global conspiracy known as climate change.

I missed this yesterday: The LaCrosse Police is a disgrace. What’s even more disturbing is how none of the comments in response to the article touch upon the gross violation of privacy and due process.

The apparently incompetent Michiganders hired to tear down Old Ogg are suing the state for “unfair termination” of contract.

No surprise here: Mayor appoints Woulf to ALRC post. According to Tom Templeton, ASM Council President Tyler Junger is now supposed to take over the “technical adviser” role that Woulf had before.

Andrew Carpenter responds to all the responses. The Cardinal headline for it is inaccurate and makes it look like a discussion of racial science.

Cardinal Ed Board: You wanna be guv of this state? Prove you’ll prevent California-style tuition crisis.

Moderating comments. Should mainstream news sites like the Journal Sentinel be allowing “endless, poorly moderated (if at all) comment threads on their stories?” I say yes.

John Nichols: Top Republican’s abandonment of Mark Neumann signals strength of Walker’s candidacy.

Speaking of Neumann, The Chief pointed out something good. Neumann has one-upped former Bush I. “If I don’t lower your taxes in my first term as governor, I won’t run again.”

A third of Milwaukee children attend non-city schools.

According to Political Capital, Assembly leader Scott Fitzgerald secured protection of smokeless tobacco products.

Republicans are firing back at a study showing Wisconsin to have somewhat average taxes (still higher than most states). “Only Wisconsin Democrats could think a $5 billion tax hike is a success.”

4 Responses to “Teabag Links”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    Hmm. I think the ALRC advisor position is filled by Junger for the time being, because it is technically a seat reserved for the “ASM Chair or designee.” So he fills it until they recommend a new one or is he actually going to serve as technical advisor?

  2. Erik Paulson Says:

    I don’t think Tyler plans to serve – the Mayor and Common Council have to confirm anyone we appoint, so it’s not really something that should have a placeholder. (And even if it doesn’t require council confirmation, there is some training/orientation involved from the city, so it’d be rude to have a placeholder.)

    The last plan I heard was Leg Affairs was going to do some sort of search and make a recommendation, but I’m not thrilled about the ad-hoc process and will be pushing to have the appointment go through the Nominations Board instead.

  3. Jim Arndt Says:

    Jack, I emailed a couple of the kids in La Crosse that were ticketed, they got back to me with some interesting statements. Look for a post from me tonight, hopefully.

  4. Paul A. Says:

    So there’s a sign in the Nitty’s window. Looks like Marsh successfully sold the place, which would explain his resigning from ALRC. I’ll post more info as I can gather it.

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