Pray Leinenkugel is right


I’m not necessarily talking about the beer, although I wouldn’t be surprised if economic success in Wisconsin strongly correlated with growth in Leinie’s sales (I don’t think it’s quite cheap enough to be recession proof). Wispolitics:

Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel predicts gradual job growth beginning in 2010 and says that with its diversified economy, the state is ready to take advantage of economic recovery.

“I know we’re ready when the recovery comes,” Leinenkugel (left) said on On Sunday’s “UpFront with Mike Gousha.” “It’s because we’re such a diversified economy.”

Leinenkugel predicted the state, which has lost roughly 130,000 jobs since October 2008, would see jobless numbers turn around in the second quarter of 2010 as businesses gradually begin to hire more workers.

Second quarter. Just in time for graduation! But just in case, maybe you ought to stretch it out into summer. Then you’re guaranteed a job. Right…?

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