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Welcome back! How was that four (or five or six) day weekend? The employees of the state enjoyed it too! You thinking about continuing it. As much as I love Thanksgiving, it really ought to be at the end of October. Trust me, people would still Christmas shop the day after. Oh no! Couscous from Pinkus McBride!

If you’re not too distracted by that awful Madison Electric ad that keeps popping up, check out Kristin Czubkowski’s links to what’s going on in the city this week.

Budget deficit for the city.

As a passionate pool player, I have come to recognize the dangerous gleam of gambling addiction described in this State Journal article on a father’s campaign to fund gambling addiction services in the U.S. after gambling-related conflicts claimed the life of his son.

“Since the summer, 211 state workers have been given notice that they are at risk of being laid off — a number that will rise in the coming months, state officials said.”

Jim Arndt: How the GOP can defeat Russ Feingold.

Fake ID company targeting immigrants in Kenosha.

What to do if you hit a deer in Dane County. Spoiler: Call 911.

Was John Nichols in a rush or did he believe that giant quotes from Paul Wellstone would be a better use of column space? I’m guessing he’d say both.

More than a few people are pissed about new car insurance mandates. Including cab drivers. Don’t fuck with the cab drivers.

Medicare costs to go up 11% next year. The Journal Sentinel does not attempt to explain why.

Assembly Democrats come out with another economic package. $25 million. Wow. It’s not going to do a damn thing.

Paul Soglin discusses Baseball Hall of Fame candidates for this year. For the record, I will be very disappointed if Roberto Alomar is not unanimously voted down.


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