Feingold easily beats Thompson in new poll


According to a poll just released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), a polling firm based out of North Carolina, Feingold leads former Governor Thompson 50-41 in a hypothetical senate matchup.

Russ Feingold leads former Governor Tommy Thompson 50-41 in a possible match up. He takes 88% of the Democratic vote to Thompson’s 82% of the Republican vote and also holds a 47-41 lead with independents.

Oh yeah, and and he really takes those other guys.

Feingold also holds solid leads against a couple of minor Republican candidates- 47-32 over Dave Westlake and 48-34 over Terrence Wall.

This, even as Obama’s numbers slide in Wisconsin. Can anyone touch this guy?


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2 Responses to “Feingold easily beats Thompson in new poll”

  1. pjmad Says:

    Feingold’s independence probably insulates him from Obama’s slide, especially considering that a fair amount of annoyance with the president is actually liberals who are peeved with his progressive backsliding. He could learn something from Feingold who is unabashedly liberal but still earns the respect of independents and even some conservatives for being principled (No points for the ACORN bill of attainder, though).

    It’s also interesting that UW’s farce of a polling partnership with WPRI conducted a poll last month that saw Thompson ahead of Feingold in the same matchup, 47 – 39.

  2. Irish Frog Says:

    Re pjmad: The WPRI poll neglected to screen for likely voters, which skews a poll from……well……reality, if we agree that polls are meant to predict election results. They also didn’t release the full data, so it’s hard to re-crunch their numbers for them.

    Also, WPRI is not a “nonpartisan think tank” as their website claims. Regular contributors include Milwaukee’s right-wing radio loon Charlie Sykes and Madison’s own crazy, David Blaska. Recent magazine articles from WPRI include “How Teachers Learn to be Radicals” and “How should conservatives respond to a hostile liberal takeover?” Nonpartisan, eh?


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