“Compositional Diversity” advocates: less McCain, more Obama


It’s beginning to look like the Herald and Cardinal ed-boards aren’t the only ones who can manufacture a crisis within the ranks of the informed campus community. Apparently, a group of staff writers can do it too, albeit in the form of a “diversity war,” not a boycott.

My concern when I started seeing facebook events with hundreds of members popping up titled APPARENTLY there are just too darn many “minorities” on the campus, and 90 comments under pieces by Jim Allard (seriously, who still pays attention to him?) was that the responses of advocates of affirmative action policies  were going to  ignore  serious arguments  in favor of name calling and emotionalism. Turns out, I was wrong.

But, now advocates need a more honed and specific message.

The issue of “diversity” is too large and complex to be dealt with in 800 word op-ed pieces. Supporters of affirmative action have been challenged to show why race should matter in admissions,  so they should stick to that. The case is there. The playing field is still far from equal on account of race, color-blindness is still a prescriptive and not a descriptive term, and the argument championed by the visionary Clarence Thomas that race-based affirmative action policies only hurt the legitimacy of accomplished people of color still sucks.

Both the Herald and Cardinal have now promised the platform, it is time to start making the case effectively.

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