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In a hurry and very hungry. And people are coming to paint the ONLY exit to my apartment, so I have to leave soon.

Feingold goes after U.S. radio and TV propaganda program in Cuba, saying the broadcasts fail to meet “journalistic standards of objectivity.”

A reminder for any of you busing to Milwaukee today or tomorrow, make sure to go to Memorial Union – the bus depot on West Wash is no more.

The Diversity War continues: Smathers’ column about breaking down conceptions of diversity or something. Again Herald, “quotas” are not legal in American higher education. The Multicultural Student Coalition writes yet another response to the Andrew Carpenter article from last week – they don’t say anything controversial but it’s hard to read through all the contrived, academic jargon. They also misquoted Carpenter. And if that wasn’t enough, the Cardinal ed board writes an editorial making clear that it does not agree with Carpenter’s original statements. Just to be in style, I’ll write a response later today or tomorrow to this whole issue.

Very good point that more people should hear: you don’t need to sign a lease in November! Unless you’re living with a bunch of people.

HOLY SHIT: University of California schools are raising tuition by 32 percent!

Why aren’t we using stimulus money to repair bridges? Why are we building new roads and not trains?

Cap Times ed board: “There’s a lot of talk about shopping locally these days, but some of us have been shopping locally for decades.”

But State Journal can brag too: State Dept of Health Services has apparently killed pay cuts to private contracted nurses after a State Journal article shed light on the complaints from patients.


5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    “Again Herald, “quotas” are not legal in American higher education.”

    So because I list it in a series of discussion items, you assume I don’t know that?

    You served with me long enough to know I’m not that stupid. Holistic Admissions are UW’s way of taking race into account and I know that (What’s more, the legality of that is not in doubt, even JB Van Hollen said it’s legally sound). But since the issue has been brought up, even if errantly, we may as well throw that into the discussion as well.

    • Jack Says:

      Fair enough Jason but my main concern is that a lot of people reading recent Herald articles come away with the impression that quotas are used in college admissions. And while I think you are right to challenge buzz words, the most rampant right wing buzz word is “quota.” Republican candidates for office often purposefully say “quota” instead of “affirmative action,” knowing that they are two different things but also knowing that anybody who takes the time to explain the difference comes off looking like a bullshitter.

      • Jason Smathers Says:

        Fair enough, Jack. I guess we’ll just have to dispel that misconception as well, won’t we?

  2. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Yea, that Badger Bus Depot hasn’t been in operation for months now. For people who live on this side of town you can also get on in front of Kelly’s Market, which has the same times as the old Depot did.

  3. Gerald Cox Says:

    32% hike in tuition is epic.

    As far as the whole diversity brouhaha goes, I’d be interested in more facts and less opinion. What is the average GPA/ACT of of Black, Latino, Asian, and White (I’m sure I’m forgetting an ethnicity in there somehwere) applicants and those admitted? What % of UNDERREPRESENTED minorities are admitted? How many would be admitted if held to the same standard as Whites?

    Again, my feeling has always been that hollistic admissions is necessary. but pre college programs are far more effective. Also, there needs to be more of an effort to funnel minorities who have lower GPAs and ACTs through the two year University of Wisconsin campuses instead of the baptism by fire one often ends up with here. And someone start telling black students that if they major in something that ends in “studies” they won’t find a job. More calculus, less poetry slams.

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