Nobody applying for ALRC position


It’s almost poetic. Weeks after the student community student newspapers made so much noise about getting a student voting member on the ALRC, only one person has applied for the new position, according to sources in city government.

That one person is Mark Woulf.

Bryon Eagon says potential applicants should get their applications in by the end of next week. Those interested need to fill out this application, which can also be found on the city’s website.


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10 Responses to “Nobody applying for ALRC position”

  1. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Umm, weren’t you the one who just wrote this on the Daily Page?

    “No local issue in recent years has a caused a bigger storm in the student community than the debate over whether to add a student as a voting member to the Alcohol License Review Committee.”

    As you indicate in this post, the comment I quote above is downright ridiculous and demonstrates an incredible lack of knowledge about campus politics. Student newspapers made a very loud ruckus about the issue for weeks and they get thirty people to a hearing. SLAC makes a few phone calls and the next day they get thirty people in front of the Chancellor’s office.

    Student editorials = student community

    I’m glad to see you have now acknowledged the above equation is wrong.

  2. Jack Says:

    I probably should have added a couple modifying words in the first case.

  3. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Indeed, but you have to admit that your choice of words resulted in a major error.

  4. Gerald Cox Says:

    Jack, apply.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ALRC *
    SLAC *
    How many points on the buck we’re aiming at ***********
    Which bowl we’re going to *******************************

  6. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    I think it would be incorrect to say that students don’t care about workers’ rights.

  7. Todd Stevens Says:

    I’d say the lack of applications is more due to students thinking Mark Woulf has the position in the bag rather than a lack of interest in the position.

  8. Bridget Says:

    But he doesn’t… That’s why people need to apply. I wouldn’t have supported this if it was just a ploy to get Mark a voting position. ASM still has their non-voting seat to fill (with Mark). This seat was an opportunity to get someone outside of ASM’s purview to make meaningful, independent decisions as a young member of Madison’s community.

  9. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    I’ll do it. Then leave before my term is up. and piss everyone off. – no thanks.

  10. An On A Muss Says:

    Manning for ALRC!

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