Kagen gets another challenger


Republicans are slathering over the opportunity to unseat Rep. Steve Kagen, the most vulnerable Democrat in the Wisconsin congressional delegation.

Rep. Roger Roth is the most recent addition to the GOPers fervent health care reform advocate Steve Kagen (M.D.). Roth recently returned from a two month stint in Iraq, so I’m guessing his wife is wondering when she’s ever going to get to see him again. In his official declaration of candidacy, Roth used some creative language to describe the path his opponent is taking the country down:

“In 2010 we will decide if our nation can be preserved as a beacon of hope to the world or if it will continue on a certain path toward socialism and economic stagnation,” Roth says in the letter.

“This attack comes from the liberal elite who believe that spending and wasting massive amounts of money while going ever deeper in debt is the answer to every problem.”

Unfortunately he apparently ran out of time and did not get to outline his policy on FEMA concentration camps and the war on white people. More on that later.


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3 Responses to “Kagen gets another challenger”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s later…

  2. Kevin Binversie Says:

    Yo Sconz,

    Roth is single.

    Way to do your homework. No wonder Liebmann and Leibenthal think you’re a genius.

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