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The day is going to be cold but not wet, which is good, because the latter of these two caused me to sprain my ankle yesterday. Walking home from a volunteering stint at the Veterans Museum too…wounded for my country. Anybody catch Sarah Palin with Billy O last night? It was pretty good but then Elisabeth Hasslebeck on Hannity blew that out of the water. Hasselbeck or Hannity. Which one is more beautiful?

Finally somebody writes a response to the recent onslaught of anti-affirmative action columns. Predictably, the first racist to comment on the article doesn’t understand the word “censorship.”

Herald ed board: UW needs to find other colleges to mount pressure against Nike.

“Keep Terrorists Out of the Midwest Act.” It was not introduced by Jim Sensenbrenner, although I’m sure he’ll be a proud co-sponsor.

Good article in the Cap Times about “developer fees,” which tax developers whose projects cause necessary infrastructure changes.

Scott Walker wins half the battle, according to the Journal Sentinel, on the county budget. Milwaukee County’s tax levy will go up 2.2%. Cory Liebmann is convinced the Journal Sentinel is spinning for Walker.

Illusory Tenant: Why are East Coast elitists so enthralled with Wisconsin judicial politics now?

If you’re trying to order some black market cigarettes, do not use the postal service. Kohl got that banned.

After Brett Favre Gov. Tim Pawlenty ended reciprocity with Wisconsin, the two states still have a chance to kiss and make up.

“Nuisances must register property.” Must anything else be said?

Doyle finally withdraws funding from UW water research consultant because UW-Milwaukee is jealous. Or something…

The New York Times writes that dozens of members of congress have been submitting health care talking points ghost-written by pharmaceutical lobbyists.

Surprising: Wisconsin has a higher rate of health care coverage than the country but employers pay 22 percent higher than national average.



One Response to “Brunch Links”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    I’ve noticed the anti affirmative action stuff as well. Almost makes me wish I was still writing. I really could go either way on it. My feeling has always been that it is necessary for African Americans who have, historically, been fairly disadvantaged. I just don’t get why there isn’t a special program that identifies minority students and funnels them through a two year school with a guaranteed transfer program to UW Madison isntead of sending minorities with 22 on the ACT to Madison. Wouldn’t that help with the drop out rate?

    I always feel like my blackness fell through the cracks because of the school I came from. I know other black students who got 10 points lower than me on the ACT and are making money to go to school here. Where my scholarship at?

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