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Check in later today with a post on my interview with Molly Rivera, chair of UW-Madison College Democrats. And of course, you should all read my article in Isthmus on mayoral power. Another crappy day. Showers. 40’s. Do you feel American today? You will after you look at those pancakes.

Bob Dunn: “We’ve asked supporters to let us focus on the content tonight…and for our opponents to join us in our luxury box at the next Packers game!” A tiny bit of libel, but not too much.

Cap Times is still skeptical of Edgewater project.

For the love of God this couldn’t have come sooner: New version of Wiscmail.

Somewhere, Bryon Eagon’s laughing: “I’m really sick of hearing Bryon Eagon’s opinion on EVERYTHING,” an anonymous reader wrote.

Now that Doyle has vetoed a bill that would allow the natural resources board, not the gov, to appoint the DNR Secretary, the press is launching its editorial counter. Doyle doesn’t seem to have any support…publicly.

Mike Ivey: Who would want to be governor anyway?

Response to Andrew Carpenter’s column on affirmative action. As expected, the comments are pretty disturbing (“Nobody forces you to be poor!” etc).

On the Blue Velvet Lounge: “To determine the capacity for bars with more than one level, Alcohol Policy Coordinator Katherine Plominski said it is based on square footage per person, exit width and toilet capacity.” Does that mean number of toilets or how much each toilet can hold?

It’s unfortunate that a writer for a business magazine can’t explain why a piece of legislation is anti-business. Listen to these talking points: “This new bill goes further than just re-fighting old legislative battles; it imposes new hidden taxes on every cable customer, grows state government, creates additional barriers for new companies to enter the marketplace….”


I don’t understand how this is accomplished but apparently the DNR is setting new “ballast standards,” which will reduce the threat of Asian Carp in the Great Lakes. Bio majors?

If there’s one guy who knows about that, it’s James Rowen, who believes UW-Milwaukee should beat out Madison for a $400 million water research grant.


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. pjmad Says:

    The water article didn’t refer to any grant. It referred to the $400-billion a year “water industry” (however that’s defined).

    It also referred to the enormous collective chip on Milwaukee’s shoulder about research funding while alluding to a general ignorance of how competitive research grants are awarded that pretty much ensures the continued existence of the chip.

  2. You fail Poli Sci 104 Says:

    “Madison’s current system is the equivalent of having the president appoint the heads of House and Senate committees as well as the cabinet.”

    No, Jack. Madison’s current system is the equivalent of having the President appoint the members of commissions with the advice and consent of the Senate, which is exactly how it works. City advisory bodies have no actual legislative power, and are not the “equivalent” of legislative committees.

    Your monarchical metaphor is both absurd and incorrect.

  3. Jack Says:

    I never suggested that the committees have legislative authority, but rather that they are the primary areas where policy is discussed and crafted (if not by the mayor’s staff).

    I am afraid you have a poor understanding of legislative committees in Washington. Congressional legislation often does not require the approval of committees either – for instance, sometimes committees send bills out to the floor of the Senate or House “without recommendation,” the same way that city committees do on ordinances.

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