Brunch Links


Looks like a crappy day. Mild temperature with showers. Please watch the following video.

“TV star allegedly whacks fan with napkin holder.” The most bizarre story you’ll read this week.

Nice. The Herald runs a feature story on how groups like CFACT are funded even after they’re denied funds by SSFC. Don’t worry, you’re still footing the bill.

To Eric Schmidt’s credit, apparently Kathleen Falk is considered a viable candidate for lieutenant governor.

Wisconsin taxes hit poor and middle class the hardest.

Poorest guy in senate has one of richest campaigns.

Ayn Rand wackos come to campus.

And look at that! There is a movement to get ice rink volunteers.

The Overture Center needs to give us a break. Taxpayers going to pay $3 million for it next year.

And you wonder why the State Journal isn’t so into the editorial thing. Their proposal for easing the Dane County tax burden: “Continuing to charge Dane County jail inmates more for snacks and phone call.”

Heads up hunters. Not only does the state ask you to shoot wild pigs, but look out for drug dealers too.

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