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It looks like it’s going to stay cool for a while. High of 50 and low of 37. Keepin it simple with a salad from Peppino’s Restaurant.

Dane County Budget passes: “Given the amount of [tax] levy we’re asking for, I think we should be better prepared for 2011 and we’re not,” Miles said. “We’ve put off some difficult choices for 2011.”

Alec writes about the morality of deer hunting. That one will get some comments.

I really don’t think the Terrence Wall’s “Pumpkin Patch” that Soglin is harping on would make such a big difference if he weren’t running against the poorest and most fully-disclosed member of the U.S. Senate.
Laptop City Hall reports a plan to include the entire Capitol Square in a TIF district. Remember, the Square already has access to TIF funds because it’s within a mile of an existing TIF district. By including the square, City Hall is attempting to get financing for other areas.

Scott Walker vetoes Milwaukee County Budget, re-inserts parking meters, cuts funding for mental health and cuts other social services.

Legislature Democrats, including Madison rep Mark Pocan, introduce bill to allow medical marijuana. Spark Report looks at different ways localities can stop prosecution of weed. Did you know that Glenn Beck and Tom Tancredo favor marijuana legalization?

Emily Mills, from Lost Albatross, is now blogging for the Daily Page – the sane counter to insane blogger David Blaska I assume. This happened a couple weeks ago but since Emily is one of the few to write against the “no-serve” list for Madison drunks, you should probably check it out.

University of Michigan may ban smoking completely on campus. It’s so rare to see people smoking on campus these days anyway. I would say the smoking population at UW is disproportionately foreign.

“ASM presents solution to high textbook prices.” At first glance I thought the Cardinal was using “high” as a verb.

HA! Exactly my thoughts: Now that a student is on the ALRC, what to do about the Nitty boycott?

“As individuals, it is safe to say that no members of this editorial board will be helping themselves to a Gritty Burger any time in the near future.” Maybe I should put up mug shots of the Cardinal ed board members so we can make sure.

No Lena Taylor. Superstition is not a substitute for medicine. Especially for a child. That is child abuse.

Wouldn’t you know, Andrew Carpenter writes about diversity. Wonder what his take is.

Oh great: “I think it would be good to have a person with a solid conservative view of the law,” says the newest Republican legislator-turned-judicial candidate.



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