How to get health care reform


Push stories like this one:

The Rudies’ son Brandon, 3, who was badly injured in a freak accident on the family’s Outagamie County property on July 11, has become something of a poster child for reform, thanks to U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, a reform advocate.

The Rudies, who live in the Town of Dale, say they only want someone on their side when it comes to getting affordable health care for all.

“I hope everything turns out on a positive note. Everybody in the country already has enough worries and stresses, like about losing their jobs,” Scott said.

The Rudies are staring at a mountain of hospital bills since Brandon tumbled under a lawn mower and suffered severe injuries to the left side of his face.

Why is it only in the Democratic primary (think John Edwards) that human interest stories are used to push for humane health care change? Barack Obama used to reference his late mother during the campaign, but now he spends more time explaining how health care won’t be changed “too much” than urging people to extend health care to those who don’t have it.

Republicans love to evoke vague anecdotes from the “failed” European or Canadian system. Why don’t Democrats come back with real anecdotes from the failed American system?


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One Response to “How to get health care reform”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Because the vast majority of America has health insurance and will never become a health horror story. Our system endures because most people are insulated from the stupidity and unsustainability of the system. Thus, they’re convinced reform must necessarily come at a cost the country cannot afford and/or cause them to lose benefits they currently enjoy. Human interest stories won’t convince them reform is a good thing.

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