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Wear a coat today. High of 50 and low of 34. From the only restaurant to ever receive an F from one of the folks at Eating in Madison A to Z. Although frankly, I ate their once with my family and didn’t think it was that bad – except the waiter annoyingly replaced the appropriate “you” with “we.” Example: “How are we paying today?”


Democratic mayor from town in Southeastern Wisconsin declares candidacy for governor. I can’t remember his real name, but I will remember that Scott Walker is calling him “Tom the Taxer.”

Donald Downs is back in the news. This time it’s concern over profs’ rights to criticize administration.

Wunk Sheek, the Native American student organization, appeals denial of SSFC funds to student judiciary.

Go RTA, says Herald ed board. Go open records, says Cardinal ed board.

Frankly, I’m surprised that nobody’s made this point yet: dorm food is disgusting. That being said, who here doesn’t occasionally wish they had a Housing Food Account? Gordon Commons was pretty clutch.

So now Rep. Roger Roth says he’s from Appleton. No pride for Grand Chute huh?

Dane County budget: “Virtually everyone gets hit by the $489 million proposal: 3 percent salary cuts for employees, 2.83 percent cuts to almost all social service agency budgets, the lowest conservation borrowing in more than a decade, and a 7.9 percent property tax increase, the highest in more than a decade.”

The County Board is only having 24 meetings this week. Hear that Analiese Eicher?

Walker’s too old fashioned for Wisconsin.

Is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel really in love with Scott Walker? Cory Liebman seems to think so.

Walker is dying for Sarah Palin’s support. Why not J.B. Van Hollen? His approval ratings and hers are identical.

Folkblum wants to know if a real progressive is going to challenge Barrett: “No candidate from Milwaukee can be elected governor, you see, without making certain that they are not viewed as being of Milwaukee.”

Post Crescent: Will lifting pay increase restrictions on teachers make property taxes skyrocket?


One Response to “Brunch Links”

  1. Todd Stevens Says:

    As a clarification, the open records piece is a column by Qi Gu, not an official editorial from the Cardinal Ed Board.

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