The upside of Gableman’s win


Despite the disappointing result of the Gableman fiasco, supporters of judicial reform have reason to be optimistic. Although Gableman and his right wing allies will undoubtedly claim victory, the judge comes out of this ordeal politically tarnished. Even the panel that ruled in his favor today chastised him for behavior unbecoming of a Supreme Court justice.

The press has been unanimous in its denouncement of his campaign’s lies misleading speech, but more importantly, it has also made clear that Gableman’s overt disdain for basic constitutional rights makes him fundamentally unqualified to be a judge.

So what? Gableman has another ten years to serve the interests who put him on the Court. Yes, but voters will remember him during other judicial contests. I predict that future Supreme Court races will be compared to the Gableman-Butler race, and that the media and the electorate will pay greater attention to the sleaze that defined Gableman’s victory.

Journal-Sentinel ed board: “A lie is a lie is a lie.”

Appleton Post Crescent:  Court Campaign Bill doesn’t go far enough.


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2 Responses to “The upside of Gableman’s win”

  1. illusory tenant Says:

    You can still call them lies if you want. After all, one appeals court judge said so and the complaint alleging lying has yet to be dismissed. Yesterday’s decision is simply a recommendation that it be dismissed. And even if the complaint is eventually dismissed, we can still expect some strong language from the Supreme Court (for what it may be worth). In short, not only is there no legal impediment to calling them lies, there exists legal support for calling them lies.

  2. hellfire Says:

    Your optimism made me smile. Which is my snarky way of saying “don’t count on it”.

    The only people who will remember this stuff in the next election would never have voted for Gableman or his ilk in the first place. When someone DOES bring it up in a vain attempt to sway the less-informed electorate it will likely be dismissed as impossible or improbable. Or outright dismissed as liberal balderdash. Groups like WMC have a vested interest in discrediting their detractors and a heckuva lot of cash to invent their own reality.

    At the end of the day I’d rather have an actual victory than a moral one…

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