Wisconsin…the next California?


No, not in a good way, in the fiscal way. That means no Megan Fox (who is featured in the NYT Magazine this weekend) but it does mean serious fiscal and economic problems.

A report released by the Pew Center on the States includes Wisconsin in its list of nine states in addition to California most afflicted by the Great Recession. According to a professor of Governmental Affairs at at UWM, the take home message is clear:

“Structurally, we are around the corner of becoming like California…in the next cycle we will be like California.”

The chief culprits appear to be declines in manufacturing – the largest sector in Wisconsin – as well as misguided state budgeting.

I guess I can understand why no one with an economic policy beyond cutting taxes at any and all times wants to run for Governor.

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One Response to “Wisconsin…the next California?”

  1. poverty_dieter Says:

    Don’t tell me that! I love Wisconsin! I visited there around 15 years ago and decided that I wanted to end up there someday…in the warmer months, of course.

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