Commission dismisses Gableman’s charges



“Therefore, we conclude that the facts alleged in the complaint do not constitute a violation of SCR 60.06(3)(c) for which discipline may be imposed. Accordingly, we recommend that Justice Gableman’s motion for summary judgment be granted and the Commission’s complaint be dismissed.”

The arguments in favor of dismissal were unanimous, although each member issued a strongly worded condemnation of Gableman’s campaign tactics.

The decision was based on the premise that the Judicial Code only “encourages” judges to avoid “misleading statements.” Therefore, because the individual statements in the ad were technically true, Gableman’s misconduct can only be frowned upon, not disciplined.

The best part:

“It is more than a bit ironic that Justice Gableman has been represented in this matter by an able lawyer who, it might be argued, found a loophole.

More discussion on this later.


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One Response to “Commission dismisses Gableman’s charges”

  1. Grant Says:

    “Technically true.” That’ll give the old brainpan something to koan over this afternoon. That and “literal lie” from the MJS story.

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