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Good day Sconnies. Today should be similar to yesterday. Weatherwise. However, at the Sconz we have a big new development. Most importantly, that we can now accurately use “we.” I have added two new collaborators to the Sconz!

On the weekends Jaimie Chapman will be doing restaurant/bar reviews and offer premium Madtown photography. During the week, Alec Slocum, another fellow Heralder, will be helping me out with news coverage and commentary. Welcome the two graciously to our online community. Love them as you love me. You do love me right? It wouldn’t hurt to tell me every once in a while. People’s Bakery and Lebanese Cuisine.


BUDGET…. passes. TIF stays in for Edgewater. Property taxes rise a teensy weensy bit above 4 percent. More importantly, excuse me, MUCH more importantly, Thuy Pham-Rammele is unhappy with increases in vending license fees. As Kristin Czubkowski poignantly notes, the Vending Oversight Committee is Thuy’s one and only.

ASM legislative affairs says it will pay more attention to city. Good idea, extracting favors from the city is much easier than the Capitol. Goddamn that is a long article.

UWM Post files suit against UWM for unlawful redactions of official documents. This should be exciting. But why doesn’t the Post say anything about it?

Professor from UW-Stevens Point says Scott Walker did not violate fundraising rules by holding rally there.

Herald editorial board is right – ASM’s obsession with bureaucracy has gone from comforting objectivity to eery dogma. Even working bureaucracies – like the ones in Europe – give people warnings before they revoke their welfare.

Labor Action Committee continues to take on UW contract with Nike. Meeting tomorrow at noon, Room 67 at Bascom Hall.

State Rep. Rich Zipperer wants an investigation of the federal stimulus’ effects in Wisconsin. The chairman of the jobs committee, Rep. Louis Molepske, calls it “premature.”

Pressure on Doyle to sign bill making Secretary of DNR an appointee of the Natural Resources Board, rather than himself. Seriously Jim, why not?

Manitowoc paper runs various lawmakers responses to the legislative session. It’s funny how Bob Ziegelbauer is not even discussed as a Democrat anymore.  Nor should he be.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    another interesting story: a journalist from the milwaukee journal sentinel found the government’s estimate of the number of jobs created or saved by the stimulus in wisconsin to be inaccurate.

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    Good find, Emma. I always figured that the numbers any government gives is fudged bullshit, but I”m glad a reporter did some work and called the government out on their shit. I wrote an article on this same topic back in September:

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