Brunch Links


41 right now. High of 56. Something that looks tasty from Indian Darbar.


Council approves Central Library. Postpones vote on Edgewater’s funding till later today. Kristin Czubkowski live blogs the budget meeting from last night.

Walker holds fundraiser at UW-Stevens Point. Democrats accuse him of breaking the law by holding a fundraiser in a state building.

Kagen says he’s hopeful for health care success.

The State kindly invites deer hunters to shoot feral pigs.

Greenbay Press Gazette: “The Hmong and Lao veterans who later became refugees in the UnitedStates — because they had fought for America — have never been permitted the benefits the U.S. government provides for most veterans.”

Solicitation of sex and, oh what the hell, why not another brawl at Wando’s?

Sam Stevenson: “Considering the magnitude of the potential increase — up to half a cent — one might expect the right-wing nuts in town to be happy to see property owners spared the burden of a property tax hike.”

Jason Smathers: Democrats are ill with Doyle syndrome.

Hey Hannah Shtein, I didn’t get into Teach for America, what group do I fall into?

Cardinal: Drunk driving legislation too soft.

Sen. Alberta Darling (R) thinks Wisconsin should repeal minimum mark-up law.

This is incredible. The State Unemployment Fund is running a $3 billion deficit. Guess what WMC’s solution is?

By the way, can’t the State Journal find something to fill their opinion page with?

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