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Should be another beautiful day. High of 60. An inspiring ham and cheese sandwich from Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room.


Should farmers be able to sell raw milk (unpasteurized)?

Herb Kohl swimming in dollar bills. More dollar bills than any other member of the Senate.

David Obey actually talked to some tea partiers on the phone? Wouldn’t you know, he thinks some of them are out of touch with the mainstream.

Senate Democrats announce jobs package yesterday and today the GOP is firing back: Kanavas calls it nothing more than “a grant writer and a regulatory ombudsman.” Perhaps, but UW might get mad money.

Sen. Michael Ellis (R-Appleton): “If anything, the [Impartial Justice bill] inhibits the ability of candidates to get their message out and it expands the influence of outside interests.”

Is this really a headline most student’s are going to understand: SLAC’s love-hate affair with UW. Herald supports Michael Schumacher’s amendment to secure funding for the new library…? I think? Cap Times supports new library construction. I know.

But speaking of the Student Labor Action Committee, student government has now revoked its funding because of misuse of funds on fliers that a) did not have the proper ASM logo on them and b) advertised a party where it was “assumed alcohol would be consumed.”

Plan 2008 debate continues. More importantly, an important Coastie-Sconnie exchange takes place outside of Humanities building.

Cardinal explains why Supreme Court was right to reject homophobe lawsuit.

Todd Finkelmeyer has very interesting article in the Cap Times about UW Prof. Rob Meyer’s research into “value-added” education. These are statistical models that show how schools and teachers affect a student’s progress.

Fred Mohs and company are still against Edgewater project, and built a sexy 3-D model to lobby the Cap Times ed board on the affair.

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    Note: That “Coastie-Sconnie” article is a Page 2 column and is entirely fictional.

  2. Anonymous Reader Says:

    Just a Question: Are you hypercritical of the Herald and lassiez-faire with the Cardinal’s content because you write for the Herald? Or do you really think the Cardinal is a better paper? – because thats the way it always comes across in your posts. You critique the SLAC headline for no reason, but say nothing about the useless Cardinal page 2 article? Also, if the Herald and Cardinal run the same story, its almost a given you will post the Cardinal’s version over the Herald even though the Herald’s is more in-depth and comprehensive with real interviews (not press releases) and hard-hitting elements. I’m not trying to personally attack you – I’m honestly just wondering.

    • The Sconz Says:

      I run many more Herald articles than Cardinal articles (ask Kevin Bargnes about how much traffic I send their way). I try to get news from both sources although I certainly don’t think I am obligated to.

      The Herald tends to have more content that interests me politically. The articles are also longer – so I tend to think it’s the better paper.

  3. Emma R. Says:

    From today’s Herald…

    “The session would be called in order to pass other eligibility bills, specifically one allowing mayoral control over MPS, according to a statement released Monday by Doyle’s office.”

    “Sindicatum Carbon Capital Americas, a company seeking greenhouse gas solutions, and the Milwaukee-based Clear Horizons were chosen to partner with the county in developing further plans for the project, according to a statement released Monday by Dane County.”

    “The legislation, called the Wisconsin Connecting Opportunity, Research and Entrepreneurship Jobs Act, specifically aims to create new jobs and businesses while securing existing Wisconsin businesses as well as educating and training the state’s workforce, according to a collaborative statement released Monday by authors Sen. Julie Lassa, D-Stevens Point and Sen. Pat Kreitlow, D-Chippewa Falls.”

    Don’t try to play like you don’t use press releases.

    PS According to a recent report by PlayerHaters, Inc., the Cardinal runs 250 percent more “hard-hitting elements” on average than the Herald. More elements, I say!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “Herald’s is more in-depth and comprehensive with real interviews (not press releases) and hard-hitting elements.”

    I wouldn’t go that far…lol. Their news reports are basically the same and involve interviews/press releases from the same people. Neither are all that great…

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