Food cart taxes to go up?


This was on the Board of Estimates schedule tonight:

Amending Secs 9.13(6)(h)3.a.i. and iii., Sec. 9.13(6)(h)3.b.i., Secs.9.13(6)(h)3.c.i. and

ii. to increase the street vending license fees for mall/concourse food vendors,

merchant vendors, and license and other fees for arts and crafts vendors; and

amending Sec. 31.075(2)(a) of the Madison General Ordinances to increase the permit

fee for promotional banners.

What I have to say about the matter is relatively simple. Rather than raise revenue by hiking food cart taxes, I suggest we require all merchants in Madison to buy credit card machines, which would allow people like me, who never have cash, to actually patronize the food carts, generating sales tax revenues as well as stimulating economic growth. Am I right or am I right?


5 Responses to “Food cart taxes to go up?”

  1. Jim Arndt Says:

    Running a card costs merchants not only a fee when they run the card, but a percentage of the sale as well. Of course commercials for debit cards don’t mention this, because the companies that issue the cards make money every time you swipe your card because its “easier than cash.” And small businesses lose out. Swipe cards at Wal-Mart, pay cash to the little guys.

  2. Dave Reid Says:

    I’d say this is a bad source of revenue for a city to go after. This fee should be as low as possible.

  3. Jaimie Chapman Says:

    I agree. Even though there are fees associated with running a debit machine, I think they would get more customers offsetting those costs or even making a larger profit.

  4. Jim Arndt Says:

    We’ll go without thinking the government should control fees, and simply consider the cost on businesses. They are killing small businesses right now, and thats not something I want to be a part of. Like I said, commercials say its easy, but when you talk to a real business, its killing them. The cost to participate in what amounts to a local market is hurting them terribly. People think swiping their debit card is easy, but every time I see it at a local store, I know the effect. Public radio had a story on the other day, if you can do it, pay cash. It’s a lot better for these businesses, the ones you want to stay open.

  5. Jaimie Chapman Says:

    You do have a good point. There IS an ATM right in front of the bookstore..

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