Can Labor sway Edgewater project?


According to the State Journal, labor unions are spending tens of thousands of dollars on a campaign to win support for the Edgewater renovation.

How many local officeholders will react strongly to the project’s endorsement by organized labor? Does labor still bring a powerful emotional appeal to left-leaning local politicos? Does it dispel beliefs that the Edgewater renovation would primarily benefit the wealthy?

I would say that it won’t make a huge difference with those in charge of making the decisions. The project has been marketed as a job-creator from the beginning, and those who oppose the renovation will likely continue to do so based on preservation and environmental grounds. Fred Mohs probably isn’t going to stay up at night thinking about the construction jobs that would have been. However, it could push more residents to actively engage in favor of the project. It could remove the taint of fat-catism that is attached to Bob Dunn’s latest real estate adventure.


One Response to “Can Labor sway Edgewater project?”

  1. shane Says:

    The difference is that people in Madison won’t go bat shit crazy if its labor unions doing the campaigning. Can you imagine the uproar if it was a business org or developer org doing the it?

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