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Incredible…not only beautiful day, but a beautiful week. High of 63 today. A margarita from Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant, which not only got a D from Eating in Madison A to Z, but was referred to as a “Mexican’t Restaurant.” By the way, I had the pleasure of meeting the good people from A to Z this weekend and in several weeks my own input (on a eatery I am not allowed to reveal) may actually appear on their site!


Tammy Baldwin says health care bill will cover 35 million people who currently have none. Optimist.

Steve Kagen says the bill “will immediately help senior citizens by beginning to close the Donut Hole in Medicare Part D and eliminating deductibles and co-pays for preventive services in Medicare.”

Jim Sensenbrenner says “The U.S. Constitution declares “We the people,” not “we the government.” Joe Lieberman agrees. He can’t help – it’s “a matter of conscience.”

These people aren’t smooth, easy speaking politicians, they’re judges. They wear robes to work. Judges are old, white men who read too much; legislators are old, white men who don’t read anything.

A new exhibit on Wisconsin war veterans will be at the Chazen Museum of Art until March.

Donations to UW have dropped 12 percent in last year.

Assembly Democrats claim education reforms in compliance with federal “race to the top” grant requirements. Republicans, however, say the Assembly simply sent the recommendation to the districts, where teacher’s unions will collectively bargain on it.

Michael Schumacher continues efforts to get TIF money out of Edgewater project, at least until plans are finalized. And look, there’s Schumacher’s name again in the Herald, this time concerning funds for the Central Library.

Lena Taylor is a witness in an increasingly fishy John Doe corruption case. Taylor has agreed to testify after winning assurance of immunity. But this might hurt more: a version of Taylor’s bill that will authorize the mayoral takeover of the Milwaukee Public Schools was leaked.

Tammy Baldwin one of only 36 in House to support investigation of crimes against humanity by Israeli forces in Gaza. Maybe the poor schmuck who’s thinking about running against her can use that in his campaign.

LTE from school board member: Charter schools are a means, not an end.

I’ve never liked Kos much, but seeing Tom Tancredo get served raises his stock in my book. But why does he put the president’s approval ratings at the top of the page?

And is there a more virulently right-wing blog in Madison than Althouse?


4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. illusory tenant Says:

    “Judges are old, white men who read too much”

    I don’t know anything about this “Badger Herald” of which you speak, but do its editorial writers anticipate being taken seriously? If so, on what grounds?

  2. the Rising Jurist Says:

    There are definitely Madison blogs written by more honestly conservative authors. But Althouse takes the cake for wackadoodle commenters.

  3. Ryan Says:

    Markos puts the president’s favorability rating on top of his page because daily kos commissions weekly national polls through Research 2000. If you’re gonna pay for that (polling is pretty expensive) you’d better advertise.

  4. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I’m wondering how Barrett got Lena Taylor on board with his MPS takeover scheme, and if it has anything to do with that John Doe investigation.

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