Sam Clegg: “French food is horrible”


Former Opinion Page Editor Sam Clegg told The Sconz that his time spent abroad in Grenoble, France has been stained by what he calls the “worst food on the face of the earth.”

In a press release titled “Fuck French Food,” Clegg expressed regret for not having packed more ham and cheese sandwiches for the 4 and a half month stay in the Alpine city.

Clegg, was a vociferous opponent of the Olive Garden during his time at the Herald, said his experience in France has made him re-think his position on the popular Italian-style chain. “The Olive Garden is unnecessary in a land with so many options – Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGI Friday’s – just to name a few. But I am confident when I say that if the Olive Garden came to this godforsaken land, I’d spend every goddamn Euro penny on those all-you-can-eat spaghetti dishes. And what I’d give to eat some salad that isn’t sprayed with pesticides at the dinner table!”


9 Responses to “Sam Clegg: “French food is horrible””

  1. Ryan Says:

    wtf is he smoking? baguette sammiches and pain au chocolats are literally the best things you can ever eat

  2. Kevin Bargnes Says:

    He’s too much of an american. And by that i mean a Canadian.

  3. Kevin Bargnes impersonator Says:

    He’s too much of an american. And by that i mean a Canadian.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

    • KB Says:

      yeah, this wasn’t me, for the record.

      • The Sconz Says:

        Bizarre. At first the spam-blocker blocked it because there was a weird email address and it said “you’re my favorite blogger,” which is what spammers usually say. But it must have been a person, because it knew Clegg was Canadian.

  4. Anonyies Says:

    les pains au chocolat, les crepes au nutella, les patisseries, le pain, le cafe (parfois) = yumm

    les sandwiches au jambon beurre, les salades avec les anchois, les steak-frites, les moules frites, les crepes salees =woof!

    j’suis d’accord avec Sam pour la plupart…

    • I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

      get out of here with that stuff

      everyone knows the french are best at drinking bowls of coffee and scraps of rock hard bread along with an assortment of preserves no less than 10 options large.

  5. Jason Smathers Says:

    “rock hard bread”

    France? Come on. Try eating the bread in Italy. Now that’s like chewing bricks.

  6. Sam Clegg Says:

    This isn’t about French “food.” This is about unqualified, unashamed freedom, and the french don’t got enough of it. True, the olive garden is a blot on humanity. But what is perhaps more dire is that, as D-Day approaches (less than 250 days or so) not a single French eating establishment expressed appreciation for the fact that, sans nous, France would be be called Germany.

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