David Blaska’s secret climate models


There’s nothing better than getting out of an exam on a Friday afternoon, opening a beer, and indulging in the most recent David Blaska treatise. This week, Blaska gives in depth analysis of the imminent takeover of the American economy by the U.S. government. He laments the corporate welfare given to GM and Chrysler (businesses in the private sector) and then takes an interesting turn:

No, our two Americas consist of the makers and the takers — the private sector versus the government sector. And never the twain shall meet.

A little more poetic than Glenn Beck but not yet worthy of a Nobel Prize (whatever that’s worth these days). However, Blaska’s genius comes out when he reveals the end result of the proposed Cap and Trade legislation:

Cap and Trade that will cost families $1,700 a year to reduce the world’s temperature by one degree.

You heard it folks. Cap and Trade WILL reduce global temperatures by one degree.



One Response to “David Blaska’s secret climate models”

  1. Paul A. Says:

    That’s huge. Global average temperature has increased about 1.3 degrees over the past 100 years. Is Blaska saying we could reverse that in one year at the cost of $1,700 per family?

    Amazing! Why are we not doing this already??

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