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And he bowed his head to Jesus… and he stood for Uncle Sam…Excuse me, Alan Jackson will just not get out of my head. Getting up to 55 with a low of 47. No food today. Just a ringing endorsement of northern secession.

Public financing for Supreme Court races passes both houses of the legislature!

Dane County passes Regional Transit Authority.

Not gonna lie, I did not expect “Heroin problem increases in city” to be the Herald headline today.

I do generally expect fights at the worst bar in Madison, however, I do not expect them to involve NFL players.

Alcohol Policy Coordinator Katherine Plominski is cool says Holly Hartung.

Senate passes drunk driving bill, but it still needs to reconcile its version with the Assembly bill.

Damn right we need public access TV. Flowing waterfalls are a great substitute for commercials, especially ones made by Miller or Bud. By the way, the Cardinal opinion page should start coming up with sexier article titles. And I really shouldn’t mention the College Republicans piece about, omg, the Nobel Prize, but…

Madison resident and Holocaust survivor Jake Heifeitz dies at age 92. Incredible story of survival.

John Nichols calls Obama’s lackluster visit to Madison a “hallmark of his mild presidency.”

Wow, Blogging Blue has secured an interview with Jared Christiansen, the 18 year old Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Liberal blogosphere is uniting behind health care. Look what the tea-baggers are uniting behind.

Wisconsin lawmaker concerned about federal government’s financial commitment to “Race to the Top.”

An amusing anti-Walker rant from Chris Liebenthal.


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  1. Zach W. Says:


    I know you’re jealous of the pull I have when it comes to getting interviews.

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