Will drunk driving reform finally pass?


The last day of legislative session.

Among the bills on the Assembly calendar is a measure to require schools providing sex education to give students age-appropriate information on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs while stressing abstinence. A final vote on the bill was blocked Tuesday by Republicans.

Also on the calendar for both houses are four education bills aimed at making the state eligible for federal Race to the Top funds, and a bill to provide public funding for Supreme Court campaigns.

The Senate will also take up a bill to strengthen penalties for drunken driving. A spokeswoman for Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan said that body will consider taking up the bill should it pass the Senate, but first members want a chance to look at the legislation.

Meanwhile, a group of rabble-rousing students have been sending around a pledge to pols to resign if they are convicted of drunk driving. Doyle, who is a known teetotaler, refused. What was interesting about his response was his refusal to acknowledge his abstention from alcohol, citing instead that he does not “drink and drive.” You can bet the rhetoric would have been much different in states where it’s socially acceptable to order a club soda.

President Nicholas Sarkozy is seen as somewhat inhuman by many French because of his dislike of wine. Similarly in Wisconsin, a governor better drink beer, and hopefully, he drinks Blatz.

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